Installing Microsoft 365 on my personal computer or device

Through our licensing agreement with Microsoft, SUNY New Paltz is able to offer Microsoft Office for free to currently active students, faculty, and staff.  These licenses will not remain active after you have graduated or left the employ of the University.  You can install Office on up to five personal devices.

Note: Do not follow these steps on any University owned devices, installation on University owned devices is done through a different process.  Contact the Service Desk for more information. We provide limited/best-effort technical support for installation and no support for personal devices.

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. On the next page, enter your Microsoft 365 username and campus password (though this step may be skipped if you're already logged in to college services).
    • Microsoft 365 Username: this is your typical campus username with the extension (For example, if your username is smithj3 - then you'd enter
    • Campus Password: your password is the same as you would use for Brightspace or
  3. Click Install Office
  4. Save file (where the download appears depends on your browser).  Follow the steps in the dialog box (see below) that opens to complete the installation.

    Download file and install
  5.  Sign in to Office using your address that you used to access the download site and your campus password.

Note About Deactivation

If you are a student, when you graduate, withdraw, or otherwise stop being a student at SUNY New Paltz, your license will eventually become inactive.  You'll receive an error like the following when opening Microsoft Office:

Error message shown when Microsoft Word expiresError message shown when Microsoft OneNote expires

Error message stating: "SUBSCRIPTION EXPIRED" from Word

If you are no longer an active student, faculty, or staff member, you will have to obtain a license for Microsoft Office separately from the University.

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