Service Desk Office Assistant



           The Office Assistant is responsible for the front office operations of the IT Service Desk.  Assistants interact with students, faculty & staff daily and are the face and voice of the Service Desk.


          Assistants must possess a strong degree of professionalism, good communication skills (both written and verbal), and be able to develop and maintain good working relationships with both students & professional staff.  Candidates should be self-motivated, well organized, and thorough.  Casual office attire is required for this position.


·         Some experience with Mac & PC computers.

·         A level of proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

·         Good interpersonal and phone skills.

·         Good written and verbal communication skills.

·         Organized and attentive to details.

·         Comfortable with using and maintaining office equipment.

·         International students need a language proficiency of TOEFL 93 or IELTS 7

·         Maintaining a GPA > 2.5


·         Greet and assist individuals who come to the IT Service Desk.

·         Answer office phones and assist/direct callers to needed support.

·         Monitor and respond to emails received by the Service Desk.

·         Submit tickets for classroom/lab and other support issues.

·         Help students fill out paperwork and forms needed for service.

·         Monitor ticket submission and completion system.

·         File and maintain completed forms.

·         Receive and process DMCA copyright infringement forms.

·         Assist individuals with password resets and account information.

·         Help students in the Service Desk lab with printing/computer questions.

·         Take care of lost and found items and email owners of lost USBs.

·         Sign out/in loaner equipment.

·         Direct people to proper website/knowledge article for specific instructions.

·         Help students with common/basic technical issues.

·         Monitor and refill office printer and other equipment.

·         Work with assistant intern on tasks and projects.

·         Take required online training courses.

·         Attend staff meetings and training sessions as required.


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