SolidWorks Install Instructions

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SolidWorks 2019-2020 Student Version Installation Instructions

Your SolidWorks serial number is for engineering students ONLY and should not be share with others.
This is a 64-bit application that requires a 64-bit version of Windows. For best results, you will need a fairly recent Windows PC with enough memory (8GB minimum) and a dedicated 3D graphics card. For details,  please see the following.

Downloading the software:

The software is available for download from most academic classrooms computers on campus through a shared network drive.

You will need to copy the installation folder to a USB flash drive with enough space (greater than 16GB) and then run the installation on your computer.

Detailed instructions

  •  Log in to a classroom computer, using your NPCUID username and password.
  •  Open File Explorer or Computer
  •  You should see a G:drive, it should be labeled "Apps"
  •  Find and open the "SolidWorks" folder
  •  Here you will find a folder called "SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP03"
  •  Copy this folder (all contents) to your flash/removable USB drive.
  •  When the copy is complete, disconnect your USB drive from the campus computer and connect it  to your computer.

Installing to your computer   

  • On your computer, open the "SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP03" folder and execute the setup.exe file.
  • The “Welcome to the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager” window will appear; make sure "Individual (on this computer)" is selected. Select Next.
  • Enter your 24 digit serial number(s) that you have received. Select Next.
  • Once “Connecting to SOLIDWORKS” is complete, a Summary page will appear. It will display the products that are about to be installed and will provide a location to where the products will be installed. We recommend not changing this location. Select Install Now to continue.
  • Customer Participation is optional
  • You will be asked to activate your license within 30 days of first use


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