Teams & SharePoint: Synchronize Teams or SharePoint sites to your computer


You can use the OneDrive synchronization client to not only sync your personal OneDrive to your computer, but also files for any Microsoft Teams or SharePoint sites you are part of that you want on your computer for quick access.

This requires you to have first setup the OneDrive client on your system.  For information on that, see the related article on this page.

Special note: There are two methods of doing this - the method outlined here (using the Add shortcut to OneDrive button) and the Sync button.  We recommend the "Add shortcut" option as it persists between devices (for example, if you use two computers and you do that one one device, it will also be setup on the other device, assuming you have OneDrive setup on that other device).  Using the Sync method has to be done per-device - and mixing both methods (using Sync on one computer and Add Shortcut on another computer) causes problems.


For Microsoft Teams sites/channels

  1. Open Microsoft Teams - and go to the main folder of a particular channel.
  2. Go into the Files tab.
  3. Click on Add shortcut to OneDrive as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of the Teams interface with the "Add shortcut to OneDrive" button highlighted.


For SharePoint sites/channels

  1. Open the SharePoint site you want to synchronize
  2. Go to the Documents section
  3. Click on Add shortcut to OneDrive


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