SharePoint: Synchronize SharePoint sites to your computer (Windows)


You can use the OneDrive synchronization client to not only sync your personal OneDrive to your computer, but also files for any SharePoint sites you are part of.

This requires you to have first setup the OneDrive client on your system.  For information on that, see the related article on this page.


  1. Login to Office 365 and go to the group you want to synchronize.
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the "Send email" button (as indicated by '2' in the screenshot below)
  3. Click "Site" to open the SharePoint site
    Screenshot of Office 365 - with navigation to OneDrive site

  4. Click on Documents on the left
  5. Click the Sync button near the top.
    Screenshot of how to get to group documents, and the Sync button
  6. After doing this - if you have the OneDrive client setup already, the Microsoft OneDrive window will come up.  If you dont' have the client setup - you'll be prompted to download it.  By default, it will synchronize all files and folders in the library to your computer, but you can choose to synchronize only certain files or folders if desired.  Click the Start Sync button at the bottom right when finished.
    Screenshot of OneDrive showing where you can choose what files/folders to sync, and the 'Start sync' button


You're all set!  Your files will be kept in sync.  You can access them in the directory listing in the location "State University of New York at New Paltz", as seen in the screenshot below.  There will be a separate folder for each group you synchronize.  Your personal OneDrive files will be in the "OneDrive - State University of New York at New Paltz" folder.

Screenshot of the folder layout for both OneDrive (personal) and synced Groups.


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