Technology access for alumni

Graduating from New Paltz soon?  Want to know what services are available for alumni?  Look no further than this page!

Office 365

Office 365 accounts are made available for active students only.  When you are no longer active as a student (due to graduation, withdrawal, etc.) your Office 365 account will be deactivated after an approximately nine month grace period.  This includes any access to Microsoft Office applications that you have acquired through your New Paltz Office 365 account.  You should backup any files, emails, or other data that you store on your Office 365 account before the end of your final semester at the college.


When you graduate (or if you leave the college after having completed one or more courses for credit), you are eligible to keep your Hawkmail account indefinitely with the following caveats:

  • Any Hawkmail accounts that are not accessed for 1 years or more (and are not being forwarded to an external address) may be deleted without notice.  You should login to your Hawkmail account regularly to maintain access
  • If changes are made to the terms of service between Google and the State University of New York, SUNY New Paltz may change our use of the service.  Any changes made to our offering of this service will be made with at least six months’ notice.

Library access

Library access and inter-library loan services are available for active students only. The Library has purchased and made available 2 online academic databases and a collection of open access databases specifically for alumni, to access via

Blackboard access

You can only access your Blackboard courses for six weeks after a course ends - regardless of whether you are continuing as a student.  If you have files or coursework that you wish to keep - you should store it outside of Blackboard.

Web hosting

Web hosting through the web host, and through Hawksites are for active students only.  If you have data on these sites you should back them up before the end of your last semester.

Access to (for transcripts and other information) is available indefinitely for alumni.


Other Technology services

Any other technology service, unless otherwise noted, is for current students, faculty, and staff only and is not available to alumni.


All access, whether for current students, or for alumni, is governed by our Acceptable Uses and Privacy Policy



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