Read&Write 11 download & install instructions

Downloading the Read&Write 11 program:

  • Go to the download page - Read&Write Downloads for Home Install
         ( > "Help" > "Library Tech Help" > "Software" > "About Read&Write" > "Read&Write Downloads for Home Install")


Windows install – follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Click the download link at the bottom of the page for “Read&Write for Windows” and choose Download (*not open)
  2. When it’s downloaded, in Windows, go to the folder where you downloaded the install
           * Your own “Downloads” folder is the default but pay attention to location if it offers you a choice
  3. Right click on the file,, and choose “Extract All” & then “Show extracted files
  4. Double click the Setup.exe file to start install
           * Read&Write will download a large number of files and this may take a long time
  5. Answer yes to any security prompts from Windows
  6. When you see the Activation prompt just click the Activate button – Done (That's it)


Mac OSX install:

  • After the download completes double click DMG file in your downloads to open it
  • When it opens drag the purple Read&Write app icon over and drop it on the applications folder icon
  • Then open your Applications folder find Read&Write and run it
  • A sign-on dialog box with several options will pop up
    • click “Sign on with Microsoft” then sign in with your email address and email password
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