OM B102 Classroom AV Instructions

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To turn on the Projector

  • Press the DISPLAY ON button on the Crestron Touch Panel
  • The screen will lower automatically
  • Please do not press any other buttons while DISPLAY ON is blinking

To control the Projector

  • The Blank button will project a black screen until it is pressed a second time
  • The Freeze button will freeze the projector image until it is pressed a second time

To display the Computer

  • On the Crestron Touch Panel, press the PC button
  • Power on the computer and log in using your NPCUID (same account credentials as your email or BlackBoard account)
  • DVDs may be played through the computer

To display the Document Camera

  • Press the Doc Camera button on the Crestron Touch Panel
  • The document camera will turn on automatically

To display a Laptop

  • Connect your laptop to the VGA cable and 1/8" mini audio cable
  • On the Crestron Button Touch Panel, press the Laptop button

To display an image from an HDMI source

  • An HDMI port is provided on the top of the Instructor Station
  • Please bring your own HDMI cable as one is not provided in the classroom
  • Connect your equipment
  • On the Crestron Touch Panel, press the HDMI button

To display the AppleTV

To use Voice Uplift

  • Connect a microphone to the XLR jack on the top of the Instructor Station
  • Press the voice uplift button on the Crestron Touch Panel
  • Control the microphone volume via the Mic Input Gain slider
  • Mute the microphone via the Program Mic Mute buttons
  • Use phantom power if the microphone needs power to function
  • To borrow a microphone, please request an equipment loan

To use the Stand-Alone SMART Board

Other Information

  • Light controls allow you to choose the lighting that suits your needs - additional lighting controls are located by the door
  • Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron Touch Panel
  • Use the up and down buttons on the Five Way Navigation Pad to manually control the screen
  • Never touch the ceiling mounted LCD projector - it is alarmed

At the end of class, shut down the computer and press the DISPLAY OFF button to turn off the Projector

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP(4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.
For a one-on-one demonstration of classroom AV technology, request an orientation.


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