O365 - Student Academic Space Booking

Some specialized academic spaces are available for student booking via O365.

These are usually departmental controlled rooms designated for students participating in specific classes or studies.

If you are part of one of these student groups you will be informed by your professor. 


Student Outlook O365 Web Access Space Booking

  1. The student booking is accessible via Office 365 online, use the Office 365 link that is found on the SUNY New Paltz homepage on the top right, in the ‘Resources’ section. 
  2. Sign in using your the same username & password that you use on Brightspace or my.newpaltz.edu.
  3. Click the calendar Icon  in the lower left corner. 
  4. At the top left, click New event
  5. Fill out Title for the event and the start and end time - don't save it yet!
  6. Look for the line that says "Search for a room or location" and click there.
  7. Click Browse more rooms at the bottom
    Screenshot of the suggested locations window with the browse more rooms button highlighted
  8. Look for the room you're looking for in the list - or type it's name in the "Search for a city or room list" box.  If you don't see the room you're looking for - it may not be available at the time you've selected.  Uncheck Only available rooms to see all.
  9. When you've found your selected room - double click on it to select it.


Note: Some rooms may not be available for public booking (i.e. they may only be available for certain purposes, to certain departments, etc.).  When you select a room - any special details or restrictions will be displayed at the top, as in the screen shot below (actual message wouldn't have the red box).  Please double check this before saving your booking request.
room notice screenshot

Click Send to save your meeting/event and send the booking request. The room manager and the meeting/event requester will receive a notice the event is tentatively accepted, and will appear as tentatively book on room calendar if the time slot is available. This is the default until the event is approved or denied by the room managers, similarly to someone accepting or denying a meeting request. 


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