Email Lists: Faculty/Staff Email List Policy


Overview of faculty and staff campus mailing lists

There are two main campus mailing lists.  Each one has its own policies.  Please know these policies before posting to the lists.

This is a mailing list for official campus business only.  All faculty and staff are automatically subscribed to this list, and cannot be unsubscribed while they are still employed at the University. This list is moderated, so there may be a delay of up to an hour (during normal business hours) before messages sent to this list are distributed.  Appropriate messages for this list include (for example): Campus service changes/outage information, campus policy changes, faculty/staff governance information, human resources information, messages for student advisers, or other critical information.

This mailing list is for any campus events (meaning those events held on-campus or officially sponsored by the University or one of its departments), conferences, surplus requests/offers, or non-critical campus business. All faculty and staff are automatically subscribed to this list, but may unsubscribe if they so choose. You can also switch to ‘digest’ mode where all of the previous days posts arrive in a single e-mail at the start of the day. To unsubscribe from this list, or to switch to/from digest mode, e-mail

As a service to faculty and staff, apartments for rent or houses for sale may be listed BY OWNER ONLY if they are within commuting distance of the University. Similarly faculty and staff looking for apartments/houses in the area can inquire about these on the list. These postings are limited to one per faculty/staff member per semester (Spring, Summer, Fall).

Any other personal business such as cars/services/etc for sale is prohibited. Any political campaigning, advocacy, or endorsements, either for national/state/local/union offices is prohibited.


If you are in doubt as to what list (if any) your message should go to, please e-mail



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