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Using the Student Email List for Recruitment

Who can use the email list?

The list is available to all individuals affiliated with the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz) including students, staff, and faculty.

How many people will receive the email?

The list includes all current SUNY New Paltz students.  It also includes recent students (who retain their email accounts for several months after their last course ends).  Students can opt-out of the list though if they desire.

What must I do to use the email list?

You must get your survey research approved by the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB – formerly the IRB) and then you must give a copy of your approval letter to Paul Chauvet in Information Technology Services.  This approval letter must be emailed to

For more information on the HREB process, see their page at

How do I send an email on this list?

AFTER you send your HREB approval letter to Paul Chauvet, you can email your recruitment letter to:

Note: you have to send from your campus email account. Send it exactly as you want the students who receive the email to see it. Don’t put a preface asking that the message be passed through to the list. It cannot be altered on our end before sending.

What should I say in my recruitment email?

You should provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • Contact information for the researcher (including an email address).
  • Your name, department or program, and your position at the university (e.g., Graduate Student)
  • The fact that this is a research study in the first line.
  • A description about what the survey is about.
  • Disclosure about any topics or questions that might be of a sensitive nature.
  • A statement that the research is approved by the HREB (preferred not required)
  • Include the URL for the survey.
  • Include a realistic time frame
  • We recommend against using attachments in the message. Recipients may not have the necessary software to open them, especially if checking email from a phone or tablet. Many are also cautious about opening attachments from unknown senders.

What should the Subject of the email say?

The Subject of the email should be specific and briefly describe the purpose of the survey. For example: “Career Exploration Survey”

Other tips?

Avoid beginning with general statements that may make your email sound like SPAM. For example, do not start with a general statement or question like “Would you like to participate in a survey?” or “I need your help”. To avoid being confused with SPAM it is best to start off with a brief statement indicating that you are conducting a research survey and the purpose of your survey.

Do I need HREB approval?

Yes, all research projects using this email list must receive HREB approval prior to recruiting participants. The researcher must bring a copy of his/herHREB approval letter to Paul Chauvet.

How long will it take to get my email sent out?

Up to 2 business days, though this time may be extended if the survey is sent when the University is not in session.

Can I send a follow up reminder?

No, only one email per survey will be sent on the list.  You should make sure your email is formatted correctly and is sent during an appropriate time (i.e. don’t send right before spring break or some other holiday, don’t send on a Friday afternoon).

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