Technology Acquisition Review

Please note, this form is not required if:

  1. You are looking to have campus owned or licensed software installed on a campus-owned machine.  Instead, see the Software to Install Requests category for more about available software and appropriate request forms.
  2. You are requesting to purchase or renew a single-user license.

This form is required for technology acquisitions, including new products, renewals, or extensions of existing products, in one or more of the following categories:

  • Software (including free software) and hardware (including computers, computing devices, and peripherals) purchases
  • Externally or cloud hosted services, including free services
  • Internally hosted services which require server(s)
  • Any new service (hosted on-campus or off-campus) that will involve sensitive information.  See the Confidential Information Policy for more information on what is considered sensitive.

ITS will review submitted forms and assist you in your evaluation of new or renewed products.  To expedite the purchasing process, which requires an ITS review of technology, it is best to complete this form as early in the evaluation process as possible to avoid choosing a product that cannot be supported.  Additionally, before proceeding with the form, please have a VPAT for every product you want reviewed.  VPATs can be requested from the product vendor.  An ITS review consists of the following: 

  • Ensuring that you are not buying a duplicate product or service that the campus already supports.
  • Determining that the products you are considering meet SUNY standards for security and accessibility; non-compliant products cannot be purchased.
  • Determining whether or not a new or extended product can be supported effectively by ITS.

In order to ensure that ITS’s review is conducted at the right moment in the procurement process, you should contact Purchasing if you have not done so already. You are encouraged to submit a purchase requisition to Purchasing as soon as possible, to ensure that work related to competitive quoting/bidding, compliance, and contract legal terms and conditions can all be initiated by Purchasing. A quote process or even a formal bid process, including 3 weeks’ worth of legally mandated public advertising, may need to occur prior to selecting one specific product, and other factors may impact product/vendor selection as well. The requirements which apply to the different ranges of anticipated expense can be found here.

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