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Makerbot Innovation Center

The MakerBot Innovation Center is a 3D printing resource for the SUNY New Paltz community. Our goal is help the community to use 3D printing as a tool for education and innovation. The system described below for accessing the Innovation Center is designed for printing for academic and experimental use only. If you are printing for commercial purposes, please contact the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at Note that we will not print anything resembling a functional weapon.

Print Request Form for MakerBot Innovation Center

This is the form for students, faculty and staff to submit print requests for academically related projects. For non-academically related/commercial projects, please contact the HVAMC and

In additions to the print options given here, we can print in engineering thermoplastics (Fortus), multi-material and full color at high resolution (J735) Talk to your instructor or contact Aaron Nelson at
Note that all of these options are significantly more expensive than printing in PLA or ABS.

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