HoverCam Ultra 8 - Document Camera

HoverCam Ultra 8 - Document Camera


Ultra 8 Hard Buttons

1. Rotate – Rotates the image on the screen.

2. Pause/freeze – Freezes the image on the screen. Press to freeze, press again to unfreeze.

3. Snapshot – takes a picture of the image.

4. Autofocus (AF)

5. Autofocus Lock (AF-L) – locks the focus (AF-L)

6. Power ON / OFF

Extended Virtual Classroom Ultra 8 Document Camera Notes

This document camera is only capable of outputting video in one format at a time, USB or HDMI video.

In classroom that is converted for "Extended Virtual " the document cameras have been set for USB output and operation.

The document camera will not be viewable when selected on the crestron touch panel as a video source.

To use the document camera, select the instructor station computer as the video source on the crestron touch panel.

The document camera can then be viewed via the computer by using the program QCamera or the share camera function when in blackboard collaborate ultra.   

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