Using OverLAPS for Administrative Privileges (Windows / MacOS)

Getting Started with OverLAPS

NOTE: If you have not been granted permissions to user OverLAPS, these instructions will not work for accessing administrative privileges. Please contact IT first regarding any admin level access you may need to perform job duties. 

OverLAPS is a service provided by IT for granting temporary admin access to campus owned computers. The web portal allows for users to see randomly generated, temporary administrative passwords for tasks such as installing or updating software. Staff who have been granted permission can access this tool from any web browser while connected to the campus network. If you are going to make major changes to a campus owned device, please contact IT in advance so that we can keep a record of this action in order to provide better support. Please be sure to avoid violating the campus acceptable use policy and understand that some software will fall outside our scope of support. 

Accessing OverLAPS

OverLAPS can be accessed from any device connected to the campus network at the following URL:

If you are working from home, you will need to be connected to the campus VPN to access OverLAPS.

Once you are on the page, you can login using your New Paltz username and password. 

Using OverLAPS

Once you have logged in to OverLAPS, you can navigate to the "Self Service" tab at the top of the page to see the list of computers that have administrative rights on. Most computers will follow a similar naming format of [building abbreviation]-[serial number]. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the option to "View Password" for each of the computers listed. The button will display a window with the administrative password. 

This window will display the current admin password for the selected computer, as well as the expiration date/time, a button for copying the password, and a button to expire the password. By default, temporary admin passwords are set to expire every two weeks. A new password is randomly generated after every expiration.

On Windows computers, the administrative username will be ".\administrator" and for MacOS it will be "administrator"  (without the ".\"). The password listed in OverLAPS can be used at any administrative prompt. 







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