Best Practices For Running A Successful Event In Webex

NOTE: Actions described below pertain to Webex, but these features are widely available across other platforms.

To request support/training for a Webex event, please visit and choose the Event/Conference Support Request option in the form.


Typical Roles

At times, depending on a person's skill level, one individual may perform more than one of these roles. The Meeting Host should make each of the people filling the other roles Cohosts of the meeting.

Webex Roles

  • Meeting Host - The person who schedules the meeting. This may be somebody different than the Program Host.
  • Presenter - The person who has the ability to share content. This role can be assigned to anybody, but only one person at a time.
  • Cohost - The person/people who have privileges higher than attendees. If attendee unmuting is locked, Cohosts can still unmute themselves.

Event/Program Roles

  • Program Host or MC - This person will introduce the program, speakers, panelists, etc. They should be comfortable being on camera and talking to a large group.
  • Guest Speaker / Panelists - Those who provide the main content of the program.
  • Chat / Q&A Moderator - This person monitors the chat so that information/questions can be relayed to the Host/MC and Speaker/Panelists.
  • Technical Moderator - This person manages meeting settings and addresses technical issues.



Prior To Event

Choose Webex Meetings or Webinar. Both offer the same basic functionality, the difference is listed here

  • Meetings - Attendees can turn on their cameras and see the Participants list
  • Webinar - Attendees cannot turn on their cameras nor see the Participants list

Use Webex integrated registration, or another platform that will automatically send the meeting link to approved registrants. This will prevent you from having to manually email the meeting link to approved registrants.

Schedule your meeting to match the advertised start time. If you would like to meet prior to the start time with Panelists etc., you can start/join the meeting early. Keep the meeting locked to enable the waiting room and prevent attendees from joining prematurely.

If planning to record, log into and go to Preferences in the left menu. Under the Recording tab, choose your desired layout for the final recording. This is independent of how you choose your layout during the actual meeting. For example, if your record preferences are set to Grid View, but you run the actual meeting with Active Speaker layout, the recording will be in Grid View.

If planning a Q&A, prepare questions for the guest speaker in case the audience isn't providing enough.

Choose your method of Q&A. It is recommended to use just one method as it will be easier to stay organized, but many times people will employ two if needed. Typical options include:

  • Use the Q&A module (located in 3-dot menu in the bottom right corner of Webex)
    • This is more organized than attendees entering questions into the Chat.
    • Attendees cannot see questions asked by others, this allows the MC to choose whichever questions they like without feeling like they need to address all questions. All Cohosts can still see the questions.
    • Questions can be answered via text through the Q&A module.
  • Use the Raise Hand feature, and unmute the attendee.
    • All "Raised Hands" will appear in the Participants window at the top of the list in the order that they are raised.
    • If you have locked attendee unmuting, you will need to send a request for them to unmute themselves by clicking the red mic icon.
    • Once the attendee has finished asking their question on mic, be sure to mute them again.
  • Use the Chat module
    • This is less organized and may be tricky to locate questions if there is a robust discussion.
    • This can allow attendees to bounce ideas off of each other that may lead to previously unthought-of questions.

Prepare a title slide that can be displayed if desired.




Host / Panelists / Guest Speakers should join prior to the start of the meeting to make sure that everything is in order and all mics, cameras, and content to be shared is ready. Lock the meeting to enable the waiting room.

Be aware of your positioning in your camera, make sure that you are not too close or too far away. If unsure, ask others for their opinion. Make sure that the lighting is good and that you are not back lit by a window or lamp. 

Choose the video layout that best serves your needs. Typically you will want the Guest Speaker to be prominent for all attendees. 

  • Right click on the Guest Speaker and/or Panelists' camera and choose Move To Stage. 
  • Select the Layout button in the upper right
    • Deselect the Show Active Speaker In Stage button
    • Select the Sync My Stage For Everyone button
      • When the confirmation box pops up, select the Lock Attendee View On Stage Only box

Under Participant in the top menu check the following:

  • Mute On Entry is selected
  • Allow Attendees To Unmute Themselves is deselected
  • Entry and Exit Tone is deselected
  • Anyone Can Share is deselected
    • If the Guest Speaker or Panelists need to share content, the Meeting Host must make that person the Presenter

Share the title slide or use this Virtual Meeting Welcome loop video.

Begin recording and/or live streaming.

Once the Host and Panelists are ready, unlock the meeting to let the attendees in. 



Run Of Show

The Program Host / MC should begin the session by making introductions and announcements. Typical things include:

  • Say something like "Welcome to NAME OF EVENT".
  • Mention if the event is being recorded or live streamed so that attendees are aware.
  • Mention the method of Q&A and ground rules if any. 
  • Introduce Panelists and/or Guest Speaker.

All presenters should speak clearly, and to the camera to simulate eye contact to the attendees.

Once the program begins, the Chat / Q&A / Technical Moderator(s) should keep an eye on what is coming through, and take note of any questions/issues/etc.

At the end of the program, have a clear closing remark.

Mention any post-event actions.

  • Surveys
  • Speaker website / Book / Etc.
  • Future events

Stop the recording and live stream if needed.

End the meeting.


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