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A comparison of rooms that feature virtual, live stream, and recording capabilities
How to view a list of the total amount of attendees and their display names.
FAQ and best practices for SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff who are conducting online interviews using WebEx.
A list of tips for presenters using virtual platforms.
How to add the Webex Chrome extension
How to download and install Webex on a Mac computer
How to download and install Webex on a Windows computer
A guide on how to use Webex if you are a meeting invitee from a SUNY New Paltz host.
Join and run a test meeting on your own to practice Webex at your own pace.
Schedule a Cisco Webex Meeting on Behalf of Another Host
Short videos on how to do key Webex functions:
How to Schedule a Meeting
How to Start and Join a Meeting
Manage Audio and Video Preferences
Sharing Content