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About Course Shells

Course shells save you time and ensure that your Brightspace courses have the most up-to-date design, resources, and tools.  Shells are designed in five modalities:

  • Seated/Traditional
  • Hybrid
  • Asynchronous Online
  • Combined Online
  • Synchronous Online

You can use the course shell exactly 'as is' or customize it to suit your needs.  Once a course is customized from the template, that course can be copied into future terms, exponentially expediting the course prep for those semesters.

What is in a Course Shell?

Each module in the course shell has placeholders for objectives, checklists, self-assessments, reading assignments, lectures, presentations, synchronous course links, files, written assignments, pre-built groups, and a list of other time-saving, pre-deployed elements 

All shells follow best practices for course design and foster completion, accessibility, and continuity for our students. Each shell includes accessible placeholder text that aligns with:

Requesting a Course Shell

Course shells can be requested through our Brightspace Support Ticket.  Depending on how you intend to develop the course, you should choose one of the following two options and follow the instructions in order to fill out the support ticket correctly.  If you have questions about which option to choose or anything else related to using the course shell, please indicated that on the support ticket.  Both options will require you to edit the template, so a solid working knowledge of Brightspace is needed.  If you have not yet completed Module 1 of the Foundational Training Certificate Course on Brightspace, it is strongly recommended.

Option 1: Starting from Scratch

  • Request a copy of the course shell, being sure to state which modality version you need.
  • Indicate if you want the course shell to be copied into a semester course site or a development site.
  • Once the course is copied, use the folder structure we have already created and begin to customize the folder titles and add your content.

Option 2: Using Previous Course Content

  • Request a copy of the course shell, being sure to state which modality version you need.
  • Then, request that an additional course be copied into the same shell, so that the previous course content is appended to the course shell. 
  • Once both courses are copied, use the folder structure and placeholders we have developed in the course shell and begin to move all relevant content from the second course into the course shell folders.
  • Once all relevant content is moved, delete any content or modules that are no longer relevant.
  • Finally, edit any content as needed and add any new content that is required.  

Brightspace Ticket: Support and Services

The Brightspace Support Ticket form should be used for all Brightspace requests, questions, and issues.


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