Adding Images to Brightspace


Much like adding audio and video content to your class, adding images can bring depth to your content.  Charts, graphs, illustrations, diagrams, maps, photographs, cartoons, etc can add clarity, life, and richness to your course when used judiciously. Including visuals alongside written content provides many learners with multiple ways to access the content and may hold great value for those who identify more as visual learners. Images can be added anywhere in Brightspace that you have access to the text editor and can be added as content items using the "Create a file" tool.

Tech Tip: Be sure to include alternative text where applicable.  If you try to submit the image without adding alt text, Brightspace will remind you, so no excuses for forgetting!

For a how-to on adding images; see Brightspace Documentation

Source:  OSCQR 3435, 3640

Brightspace Ticket: Support and Services

The associated support ticket form covers all types of BrightSpace requests, including questions about the migration and training materials.


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