Microsoft 365 - Mail Basics

SUNY New Paltz uses Microsoft Outlook - a part of the Microsoft 365 suite - as the official email/calendar system for New Paltz.  All faculty, staff, and students have an account on Microsoft 365 with <their username> as their email address.

It is the default email system for all faculty, staff, and students at the college.

Accessing your Microsoft 365 mail

There are three primary ways of accessing your Microsoft 365 email:

Web version

The primary method is via any web browser.  You can either:

  • Go to, select "Resources" at the top right and choose "Microsoft 365"
  • Or just go directly to

Your email address is your username for other university services (like +  For example, if your username is 'smith33' then your email would be ''.

Mobile version

If you want to access your email from your smart phone or tablet - we recommend the free Microsoft Outlook app (available from the Google Play store or the Apple App store).  Instructions on this are available here.

Desktop version

You can also access your mail via the Microsoft Outlook application that comes as part of Microsoft Office.  This is available on all office computers on-campus.  It is recommended for power users who receive a lot of mail and want a lot of control over settings, shortcuts, etc.  It is also recommended for departments who use shared mailboxes.

The information below is for the web version as it is the most common method for access.

What you'll see in Mail

When you sign in to Outlook on the web, you’ll go straight to your Inbox. 

Options when viewing a message

At the top right of the message - there are a number of different icons shown.  If you don't know what an icon is - you can hover your mouse cursor over it for a second - and a tool tip will show the function.  Below is a screenshot showing what each of these do.
Screenshot of the options shown when viewing a message with the 'like', 'PhishAlert' and 'other options' buttons shown.


Sending email

  • Create a new email by selecting the New message button near the top left.
  • You can specify recipient in the "To", "Cc", or "Bcc" boxes.  The Bcc box will not show up unless you click on Bcc (to the far right of "To").
  • If you type the name of a person in your personal address book, or of a faculty/staff member at New Paltz - you will see matching choices come up.  You can also of course just type an email address manually.


Searching for email

The search window is at the very top of the Outlook window.  You can type a person's name, or text in a message or subject that you are searching for.

If you are having trouble finding what you're looking for - you can use the advanced search.  Just click on the search box - then click "Filters" to the right of the search box.  You can use that to narrow down your search by sender, recipient, date, folder, or even by whether a message has attachments.


Printing email

If you want to print an email - don't use the regular 'print' function in your web browser.  It will cause issues printing.  To print an email:

  1. Click the three dots at the top right of the message (as shown highlighted in the screenshot above)
  2. Click Print in the options list that comes up.



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