Emailing New Paltz Students

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New Paltz students are not pre-populated in the Office 365 contact list, however, there are a few ways to email them.

  1. If you are trying to email a list of students from a class you teach it is recommended to do so through Blackboard since their emails are automatically part of the roster.
  2. You can use to email students in your courses, or your advisees (Faculty Services -> Email Students & Advisees).
  3. You can manually type each student's email address into the "To:" field and outlook will automatically remember the address the next time you start typing it.
  4. For contacts you will need to look up by name you can create a new contact or import a list of contacts from a file into your outlook contacts.  Once the contact(s) are added the will auto populate when you start typing either name or address.


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