Uploading Files to Your Web Space Using WinSCP

Uploading Files to Your Web Space:

When you see the window below, you are ready to begin uploading files from your local PC (the left-hand window) to the server (the right-hand window); follow the steps below to proceed:

1.  Click on the "public_html" folder on the right side of the screen (see circled folder below)

File upload window

2.  Find the files you wish to upload in the left window (i.e. on your local PC directory).

3.  Click on the file that you want to copy and drag it to the right side (server side); see step 1 of image below.  

4.  A pop-up window will appear; click "Copy" to have the file copied to the server.  See step 2 of image below.

Upload Alternatives: 

  • Instead of dragging the file, highlight it and either A) right click and select copy OR B) select Copy (F5) from the tool bar at the bottom of the WinSCP window.  For example, if you want to upload a webpage, drag the webpage files from the left side of the window to the right side of the window.
  • To add multiple files at once, you can hold down the control button on your keyboard ("Ctrl") and then click on the desired files.  Then, click and drag; hightlight and right-click to copy; or select Copy (F5) to move the files to the server.  

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