- Troubleshooting

Common issues with the web host

Below is a listing of common issues that individuals may have when trying to access or use the web host.  

I can't login

There are a couple things to check when trying to login:

  • Unlike other campus systems - you can't use your full email address in your username when logging into Shell.  Make sure to use the part of your email address before the @ sign.  For example, if your email address was then you'd only use hugohawk1 as your username.
    • Note: For older accounts, your username may be your BannerID.  If so, it most likely needs the 'N' capitalized. 
  • Your password for the shell system is what you set when you requested your account.  It is not set to be the same password as on other campus systems (unless you chose that same password when you requested the account).
  • If your password doesn't work, or you don't remember it, you can reset it.  Just re-request the account via  You'll be able to select a new password.  Your existing account will not be recreated if it already exists, it will just have it's password updated.
  • You should connect via an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) client, such as WinSCP (Windows only), Filezilla (Windows/Mac/Linux), or Fetch (Mac only, free to students or employees).
    • When using an SFTP client, make sure it is in SFTP mode (it should show the port number as '22').  Using Insecure FTP is not supported.
  • Make sure you have requested an account - shell accounts are not setup by default.  To request an account go to and do the following:
    • Students: Click Information Technology Services on the left, then Sign-up for Web Space.
    • Faculty/Staff: Click Employee Resources on the left, then Request Shell Account

I can't access my website

If you are able to connect via SFTP, but your website is not loading, there are a few things to check:

  • Your website name address is:  followed by your username.  Your username should be lower case (except for students who still have the BannerID as their username).
  • Do you have an index page?  If you do not have a file called 'index.html' (all lower case), then the main root of your web page will not load, and you will get a "forbidden' message.
  • Are you putting your files in the public_html subdirectory that you see when you log in via SFTP?  If files are not in public_html (or within subdirectories inside of public_html) they will not be accessible via the web.


I'm still having issues

  • If you're still having issues logging into your site, or accessing your site via your web browser, we can help!  Go to the service page for shell and click "Request Assistance".  Make sure to provide any error messages you are receiving when trying to connect to your site via SFTP or with a web browser.
  • Please note: We are unable to provide any design assistance, and can only troubleshoot connectivity or log in issues.


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