How To Use Crestron AirMedia

How To Use Crestron Air Media

  • On Crestron Button Panel, press Air Media button


To use AirMedia from a Mac or PC

  • Open a browser and enter the URL (http://ROOM-AirMedia) or the IP Address (137.140.###.##)
  • 2. If you do not have the AirMedia plugin, you'll be directed to a download page. Select, download, and run the plugin appropriate for your laptop type
  • Run the downloaded plugin. A small Crestron AirMedia popup will appear on your screen
  • Enter the code displayed at the top right of the projected display
  • You can move the popup control around on your desktop and use the Stop and Play buttons to respectively stop or start the mirroring

To use AirMedia from an Android device

  • Install the Crestron AirMedia app from Google Play
  • Open the AirMedia app
  • Manually enter the IP address displayed at the top left of the presentation screen: in the Settings menu, select "tap to enter IP Address"
  • Enter the login code as displayed at the top right of the presentation screen
    • Select the document, picture, or "Shot & Show" option depending on your needs. For example, if you want to display a .doc or .pdf file you would select Document
    • If you want to display a .jpg or .gif file (or something in your album) you would select Picture
    • If you want to take a picture to display, or have other content on your screen you want to share, select Shot & Show.
      Note: If Shot & Show crashes, you can use the stylus to capture screen content and send that to AirMedia

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.


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