SharePoint: Sharing files and folders


SharePoint sites by default give read/write access to all members of a group.  There are times you may need to share folders and files with other Office 365 users at New Paltz who are not members of your group.  This page has instructions on how to share files/folders, how to remove/edit those shares, and how to access those shared files/folders.


Sharing Instructions

  1. Open your SharePoint site
  2. Click the check box to the left of the folder you want to share, then click the Share button.
  3. The sharing options window comes up.  The default option will allow specific people to have access to these files. Please be aware that if you change this to "People in the State Univer.... at New Paltz" it will allow anyone with an Office 365 account at New Paltz (including all students, faculty, and staff) that have the link, to view and edit what you are sharing - we do not recommend this.  If instead, you click on the box at the top (that shows the share permission) you get several other types of share options.
  4. If you click to change the permissions - you'll see choices for the method of sharing (as below).  We recommend when in doubt you choose the "Specific people" option.  You can also adjust whether those you are sharing with should be able to edit (by leaving the "Allow editing" box checked), or whether the access should be read only (by unchecking the "Allow editing" box).
  5. If you choose "Specific People" and click Apply, you can add those people by name or email address, and provide a message explaining what you are sharing.  An example of this is below.


Editing existing shares

There are times you will need to edit an existing share (to remove access for those who don't need it anymore for example).  Here's how to do this:

  1. Open your SharePoint site
  2. Click the check box to the left of the folder you want to share then click the "Details" button at the top right.Screenshot demonstrating the details button location
  3. Open the Details panel (it's accessed via the icon at the top right that is a lower case i in a circle).
  4. Click Manage access in the details panel.
    Screenshot showing that the "Manage access" button is in the middle of the details panel
  5. Click the arrow next to the person you want to change permissions of.  To remove those permissions for that person completely, choose Stop Sharing.
    Screenshot showing how to edit a permission for a person.



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