SH 181 Classroom AV Instructions

Touch Panel


To turn on the Projectors

  • Touch the Crestron control panel to begin.  
  • Select preview source on the left side of panel.
  • Select projection mode in upper left side of the panel. Single (one large projection) or Dual (two side by side screens that can be mirrored or independent sources).
    • To turn on projector(s), select a source from list below specified projector.

To display the Computer

  • Power on the computer and log in
  • On the Crestron Button Panel, press the PC button
  • DVDs may be played through the computer​​​​​​

To display the Document Camera

  • Press the Doc Camera button on the Crestron Button Panel
  • The document camera will turn on automatically

To display a Laptop

  • Power on laptop
  • Connect your laptop to the VGA cable and 1/8" mini audio cable or THE HDMI cable
  • On the Crestron Button Panel, press the Laptop button
  • A LAN cable is provided if wireless is not used
  • If your laptop does not display correctly on the screen, press the Auto Image button

To display the AppleTV 

To use Lecture Capture

Other Information

  • To adjust content volume, use the Source Level arrows on the right side.
  • To adjust the Instructor Station microphone, press the microphone icon on the top of the panel. Use the arrows to raise and lower the volume. Press the microphone icon between the arrows to mute/unmute the mic.
  • At the end of class, press the SYSTEM OFF button to turn off the projectors
  • Shut down the computer at the end of class
  • Never touch wall mounted LCD projectors - they are alarmed

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.
For a one-on-one demonstration of classroom AV technology, request an orientation.


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