Office 365 Groups, SharePoint & Team Overview


Office 365 contains a few similar/related collaboration tools.  These are Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Sharepoint.  The line between these three are somewhat thin as each group or team site automatically has a Sharepoint site for file sharing amongst the group or team members.

Rather than create our own overview of what the sites can be used for - we will link to Microsoft's informational pages here:

Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Groups

We also have our own articles about these sites (just click on "File Creation, Editing, and Sharing" near the top of this page to see the rest.

All of these options can be used to improve collaboration amongst a group, such as an academic or administrative department or interdisciplinary group, a committee, a faculty/staff organization, and more.

Team, Group, and Sharepoint site responsibilities

If you are running a group or team site, you are responsible for managing it.  This includes the following:

  • Ensure that the membership is kept accurate.  If you are maintaining a group for a committee, department, group, or class, you will have to both add new members as well as remove members who no longer need (or are authorized to) have access.
  • Protect sensitive information.  This is not a short answer and depends on the type of data, and the audience who will have access to the site.  If you are planning on storing information defined as sensitive in our Confidential Information Policy with one of these tools - consult with Paul Chauvet, Information Security Officer, before getting started.
  • Ensure group ownership is properly handled.  This means both ensuring there are at least two owners of each group (so changes can be made without going through ITS) and transitioning ownership when needed (such as department chair/committee chair/secretary/organizer changes).
  • Ensure ADA Compliance.  If you are using a Team site to supplement (or replace) Blackboard use for a course, you are still responsible for making sure that the content added to a team site is complant with ADA guidelines.


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