Office 365 via iPhone or Android - Microsoft Outlook


We recommend the Microsoft Outlook application on mobile devices instead of the built-in mail client provided by the phone manufacturers.  ** The native iPhone mail application is no longer supported and the Microsoft Outlook app should be used instead.  It is easy to setup and use to access your Office 365 mail, calendar, and contacts (including shared calendars and mailboxes).  You can get the Microsoft Outlook app for free from the links below:

iPhone or iPad



Setup instructions

  1. Install the Outlook application (via the appropriate download link above).
  2. Select the GET STARTED button when you first open the app. 
  3. If you already have the native mail client on your phone setup, you may see the option to add your New Paltz account.  If so - make sure the New Paltz account is setup and select Add Account at the bottom left.  If not - select Next or Skip at the bottom.
  4. Enter your New Paltz email address: <yourusername> and select Continue.
  5. Enter your New Paltz password.  The screen will look like the following:
    Outlook mobile screenshot - password screen
  6. Your account should be setup - just select Skip at the bottom left when asked to add another account.


Once you are in the application - you can access your mail via the envelope icon at the bottom left, or your calendar via the calendar icon at the bottom right.  You can write a new message via the pen icon near the bottom right, and access your other folders via the menu icon at the top left.
Screenshot of Outlook app - with various sections highlighted


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