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Prior to December 2020 - Hawkmail (our local name for the New Paltz domain on Google Workspace) was the official email system for all SUNY New Paltz students.  As of June 2021, Office 365 became the official student, faculty, staff email system.

Since June 2021 - only the following are in Hawkmail:

  • Students, faculty, staff, and alumni who had accounts in Hawkmail prior to this change.  If you already had an account and are actively using it it will be kept active.
  • Faculty/staff who retired and keep their email were moved to Hawkmail if they retired before 2016.  If they are actively using Hawkmail, they can still keep using it.
  • School of Education students in particular courses which teach about the Google Workspace tools may have accounts created on Hawkmail.  This is for use in their courses which teach about the Google tools and will not be used for any official university communciation.

Any Hawkmail account which is not logged into for a year or more will be suspended and eventually deleted.


Note: Hawkmail does not include all Google services.  It only includes those services that Google calls 'core' services (GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets/etc., ).  Other services are not included such as Youtube or Google Maps are not available.  



  • We provide only limited support for Hawkmail now - primarily login assistance.  We do not provide support in how to use the Google services. 
  • To make a support request:
    • Click Request Assistance on this page
    • Walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103
    • or call 845-257-4357 (HELP) during normal business hours.
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