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Embed Ensemble Videos in Blackboard

To embed an Ensemble video into Blackboard, follow the steps below: 1. Go to the Ensemble login screen and log in. 2. In your Media Library, navigate to the video you want to embed and select

Adding Videos from Ensemble

ensemble ... Building with Content from your Media Library Ensemble is a great service with many features:  Stores audio and video content for faculty Plays content in the browser so no extra

Moving Ensemble content to Panopto

ensemble ... This video shows two ways of adding Ensemble videos to Panopto and then to Blackboard.

View Ensemble Video Library

A link to log into your Ensemble Video account and view your library ... ensemble ... Click here to view your Ensemble Video Library

Media Recording and Storage Support (Panopto, Ensemble)

Request assistance with New Paltz's Media Recording and Storage platforms


ensemble ... Write out acronyms fully the first time you use them on the slide; discuss or define them in your narration You do not need to “alt tag” your presentations if they are uploaded to Ensemble as a video

Crestron Lecture Capture Workflow

article How To Use Crestron Lecture Capture for more information. If you selected the “Ad-Hoc Recording to My Ensemble Account” or “My Meeting Is:” options when lecture capturing

How To Use Crestron Lecture Capture

scheduled in this classroom, your name/class should appear here. Recording will automatically upload to Ensemble. LEFT - AdHoc recordings can be done at any time. Select this if your

Bulk Upload

Use the Bulk upload tool to upload and publish more than one media file at a time to your Ensemble Library Login to with your New Paltz ID and password

Crestron Lecture Capture Overview

ensemble ... • Recordings save as a high quality MP4 video file type. • Recordings save to local USB or automatic upload to the campus Ensemble Video Server that links into blackboard. Benefits of

Physics Labs Lecture Capture

use one: PC, Doc Cam, or Apple TV. • Press the "Capture" button (circle on the right) • Select the type of recording (always "Ad Hoc"), either AdHoc meeting with Ensemble, or

Start Here: Quick Start Guide to Building Online Lessons

uploaded to Ensemble (Advanced) This is an extension of Option 3.  After you have created the narration for your PowerPoint, you can save the file as an .MP4 (video), upload it to our Streaming

Brightspace Campus Communication Archive

- April 2022 Message from May 5th, 2022 | May Updates: D2L Brightspace Message from May 9th, 2022 | Summer/Fall Course Copies and Conversions Message from May10th, 2022 | Ensemble Phase Out

D2L BrightSpace Post Migration Cleanup From Blackboard

Ensemble Check: Gradable Activities (Submissions, Quizzes, Discussions etc) Files and attachments Hyperlinks and course links Additional tools and items not mentioned Wikis

Accessibility Checklist and Resources

content in Rating tool only visible to faculty and staff Creates alternative formats for documents Ensemble (Streaming Media Server) Hosts audio and video files for streaming in