Extended Virtual Learning Classrooms (Rooms With Webcams)


  • A face-to-face class in a space where all students can not attend safely in person due to social distancing guidelines.

  • On a rotating schedule, some students will attend in-person, while others will participate remotely via a synchronous web-conferencing session. 

  • In limited cases, faculty may allow a student who can’t physically attend the classroom session attend only the remote, web-conference sessions.

  • Also known by the abbreviation EVL

Classroom Equipment

These are classroom outfitted and configured by IMS and Academic Computing to allowing remote instruction from the instructor station computer. These rooms are equipped with the following:

  • Microphones installed for local instructor and students. 

    • Microphones capture local audio and speech and are enabled as a USB audio source to be sent to remote side viewers. 

  • Document cameras enabled for USB 

    • This allows document camera to be shared as USB video source. 

  • Web Camera installed

    • For remote view of instructor or whiteboard. 

When and Where 

  • Face-to-face class sessions are on campus in the scheduled room.

  • For a list of equipped spaces on campus, please see the List of Extended Virtual Spaces.

  • Web-conference occurs on platform chosen by the faculty member, preferably Webex.

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