Access a shared mailbox

There are several ways to access a shared mailbox on Microsoft 365:

  1. Add the shared folder to your own Outlook account (via the web interface):
    • This will let you see messages sent to the shared mailbox, and respond to those messages.  For more information on this see: Add a shared mailbox or folder to your account.
    • This has a downside though.  When you reply to an email in a shared mailbox, the reply goes into YOUR sent folder, not the sent folder for the shared mailbox.
  2. You can access the account from your own mailbox as follows (Note: this is the easiest way to send mail from a shared mailbox):
    • Click your account icon in the upper right.  This icon is either your profile picture (if you've set one) or your initials.
    • Select Open another mailbox
    • Type the address of the shared account.
    • This will open the mailbox in a new browser tab. Any new messages created or replies will have a Mail From of the shared account.
  3. You can also use the Outlook Desktop application.
    • Note: If you want to send mail from the shared mailbox in Desktop Outlook, use the "From:" dropdown to select the address you're trying to mail from.
  4. If you use the Outlook mobile application see the instructions below:
    • First click on your account icon at the top left.  This icon is either your profile picture (if you've set one) or your initials.
    • The click the + icon below that account icon and choose Add a shared mailbox.
    • When prompted - enter the email address of that shared mailbox.​​​​



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