Common issues with sending mail to mailing lists

This is a short list of some of the more common issues which could be causing someone to have issues sending to a New Paltz mailing list.  

Have you received any error messages or bounce messages?

The best place to start is with any error messages or bounce (error) emails you have received.  If you have received any response to your message, please make sure to forward them to IT (whomever you are working with on the issue).  If you have opened a case with us, please copy and paste the contents of any bounce message into the request.

Those messages, when they are sent, will usually give IT the information they need to solve the issue.

Are you sending from the correct address?

For the main campus email lists (such as those for faculty & staff, or the academic research list) only individual's addresses are subscribed by default.  Because of this, A faculty member named Robert Smith may be able to send from, but not from or

If you haven't specifically had IT allow a non-person address added as an authorized sender on a list, it will not be able to be used to send to that list.  The list owner can verify if you are subscribed.

Are you sending to the correct list address?

Make sure you are using the correct address for the mailing list.  Two common issues are:
  • The non-critical faculty staff list address is: (that is a letter L for list after the hyphen, not a number one), and there is only one 'F' in Staff (no - even in IT we don't even know why it was named that...)
  • Make sure you are not using the 'bounce' address (i.e. don't send to  The 'bounces' address may show up as the return-path of the list but is not the actual list address.  Each list has a 'bounces' address like this so that bounced messages (such as out-of-office messages or undelivered recipients) don't trigger messages to the entire mailing list.

Is the message pending moderation?

Some lists have most or some of their members set in 'moderation' mode.  This means a list owner or administrator needs to approve messages sent to the list.  If uncertain who the owner of a list is, you can email (i.e. for the list, you can email

List owners can see the article (in the related articles section of this page) about list moderation for more information.

When in doubt

If you are unsure what is happening, IT may instruct you to bcc (blind copy) one of the IT staff members when you send to a list.  This will assist us in diagnosis of any issues.
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