List Moderation (approvals & rejections)


If you are the owner or moderator of a moderated list, you are responsible for approving or rejecting any pending messages or subscription requests.  You will receive an email when a message is waiting for moderation.

Accessing Moderation Queue

When a message is waiting for approval you will get an email with a link to the pending moderation request, or you can go directly to the specific moderation queue for your list.  That address is:[list-name]

(where [list-name] is replaced with the name of the list).  You will have to enter the moderator password to access the site.

You have the following options for a moderated message:
Defer - this will leave the message in the moderation queue.  It isn't rejected, but isn't set yet either.  This would be chosen if you are not yet ready to act on the message.
Accept - this will release the message to the list where it will immediately be sent out.  This cannot be undone.
Reject - this will drop the message not posting it to the list, and will notify the sender as such. You can add a response detailing why the message would be rejected if you open the full message (see item 2 in the image below).
Discard - this will silently drop the message not posting it to the list, without any feedback to the sender.  This should be used if an obvious spam message slips through to the list.

Below is an example of what you would see if there were pending messages for moderation:

For the image above:

  1. This is where you choose the action for an individual message
  2. This is where you would view the entire message (not just the subject line & sender's address)
  3. When done, you must click "Submit All Data" to have the chosen action or actions take effect.



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