Apple (Mac): Install an Apple OSX VDI Client?

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Install VMware Horizon View Client.

Install VMware Horizon logo

3.  On the downloads page, find your operating system and click Go to Downloads.

Downloads page with Go to Downloads highlighted

4.  On the next screen, click Download.

Product details screen with Download button highlighted

5.  On the next screen, click Agree to accept the End-User License Agreement.

End-User License Agreement screen

6.  When the next dialogue box opens, click on the VMware Horizon Client icon and drag it into the Applications folder.

Dialogue box with VMware app being dragged into Applications folder

7.  Click Open to confirm that you approve the application.

VMware confirmation screen asking to open

8.  Open Finder and click on Applications; then, scroll down to find the VMware Horizon Client.

Applications folder with VMware Horizon Client highlighted

9.  When you locate the VMware Horizon Client, click on the icon and drag it onto the dock.

Dragging the VMware Client to the dock

10.  Click on the client icon in the dock:

  • If you do not see a dialog box your setup is complete.  

  • If you do see the following dialog box and message, click Continue and then proceed to Step 11.

Prompt asking to input Admin username and password for printing

11.  When you are asked, enter your Mac Administrator Name and Password (not your New Paltz username and password). You may also be asked for the name of the connection server. The server name is

Mac admin username and password log in screen

12.  Once your VMware Client is installed you can begin using it.  To view instructions for use, please read the article: "How do I use VDI for Apple OSX?"

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