Apple (iPad/iPhone): Install an Apple iOS VDI Client?

1.  Go to the App Store.

Apple app store logo

2.  Search for VMware Horizon Client; tap Free to open installation screen.

VMware installation screen

3.  On the next screen, tap Install.

VMware installation screen

4.  When the app is finished installing, tap Open.

VMware open app screen

5.  On the next screen, type where it says server name and then tap Add Server.

VMware log in screen

6.  You will now need to enter your New Paltz username and password; then, tap Login.

VMware log in screen with example

7.  You can now proceed into the virtual environment by selecting a desktop.

VMware desktop options such as Academic General WIN7Lab and Win7Lab

8.  When the desktop loads, you can navigate the system as you would any lab computer.

WIN7 desktop screen

9.  Important: when you are working in the virtual environment ALL work MUST be saved to a USB drive or some form of cloud storage; any work not saved to an external source will be lost when you shut down.

10.  Important: When your virtual session is complete, you MUST go to the 'Start' menu and select 'Shut Down' to end your session.

Start menu with shutdown button highlighted

11.  Once your VMware Client is installed you can begin using it.  To view instructions for use, please read the article: "How do i use VDI for Apple iOS?" 

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