Windows: Using VDI for Windows?

  1. Please Note: only proceed if you have already installed the VMware Horizon View Client following the steps in the article: "How do I install a Windows VDI Client?"
  2. From your desktop, double-click on the icon for the VMware Horizon View Client. If you didn't download the desktop icon, open the client from the start menu.

    Image shows a screenshot of a Windows start menu displaying a link for the VMware Horizon View Client.  It also shows an example of how the client might appear as a desktop icon.
  3. On the next screen, double-click on the icon that says ''. icon
  4. Enter your New Paltz username and password; then, select 'Login'.

    Screenshot of Windows Horizon Client - Login screen
  5. The next screen is for the Duo MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication System).  Unfortunately - the Duo interface for VMWare isn't as user friendly as for other systems.
    VDI Duo Screen
    See below for instructions on this screen:
    • If you have the Duo app - just type the number 1 and hit enter.  You'll get a push notification on your phone to approve.
    • If you have a push-button Duo token - just push the button and type the number you receive on the token here
    • If you have a cell phone setup with Duo (but not the Duo app) just type the number 2 and hit enter.  You will get a list of codes via SMS.  You can then enter the first of those codes.  On your next four logins - you can just use the remaining codes you were provided (or type 2 to get more codes texted to you).
    • If you have only have one of the blue USB Duo tokens - please email: for assistance.
  6. On the next screen, double-click the desktop you would like to use.
    VMware Desktop options with Academic General Win7 and Win7Lab options
  7. When the desktop loads, you are in the virtual environment and you can navigate as you would any lab computer.
  8. Important: when you are working in the virtual environment ALL work MUST be saved to a USB drive or uploaded to a cloud service like OneDrive or Google Drive.  Any work not saved to an external drive or cloud service will be lost when you disconnect and log off.
  9. Important: When your virtual session is complete, you MUST open the options menu and choose 'Disconnect and Log Off'.
Options menu with Disconnect and Log Off option highlighted
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