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Panopto Documentation

panopto ... Panopto's very own video guides that cover a wide variety of Panopto topics.

Uploading Content to Panopto

If you have already created a video or audio file in another program and have it saved to a storage device, you are able to quickly and easily upload it to Panopto.  If you prefer to watch a

Adding Panopto videos to Brightspace

panopto ... Panopto is a great service with many features: it stores audio and video content for faculty it plays content in the browser so no extra audio/video players are needed You can record videos

Panopto Onboarding Recording (Basics)

panopto ... This video explains all of the basics of Panopto. If you wish to quickly learn about how to record a video, please see this video instead.

Panopto: Media Recording and Storage Support

Request assistance with New Paltz's Media Recording and Storage platform, Panopto.

Students: Submitting Panopto Videos to Brightspace Assignments

panopto ... What's Panopto? Panopto is the New Paltz's own video recording and hosting platform. It's like if Youtube also had a recording functionality. Do I have to record using Panopto? You can

Panopto Brightspace Integration Issue: No "Insert" button

panopto ... If you aren't seeing the insert button after selecting a video in the Panopto-Brightspace integration you could either try another browser, or edit your browser's settings to turn off "prevent cross-site tracking". This Panopto article explains how.

Generating, editing, and posting automatically generated captions

panopto ... See this video on Panopto's knowledgebase.

Microsoft Teams - Getting Started in Teams Webinar

This webinar was recorded on 1/20/2023

Microsoft Teams - Managing Teams Webinar

This training session was recorded on 01/20/2023

Microsoft Teams - Sharepoint for Teams Webinar

This training session was recorded on 1/20/2023

Access the OIT Training Library

All Office of Instructional Technology video content can be viewed by all current campus members in Panopto.  Use this link to navigate to the OIT Training Library and then navigate to a folder on a specific topic.

Brightspace Video Tutorials

Quizzes Grades Panopto Videos If you have any questions or requests regarding these videos please send us a Brightspace ticket and let us know!

REH 109 Conference Room AV Instructions

 on the wall under the Television Please review the Panopto Video Tutorials to conduct your video conference over Panopto Please review the Microsoft Teams Video Training to conduct your video

CT 120 Conference Room Technology Instructions

TVTo conduct a video conferenceThis space is equipped with a camera and microphone connected directly to the computerPlease review the Panopto Video Tutorials to conduct your video conference over