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Bb Collaborate Ultra: How to use Extended Virtual Classrooms

before starting the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session.  Audio Log into Blackboard and join a Collaborate sessions You will then be prompted for browser microphone permission settings - make

Reviewing Collaborate Ultra Attendance Logs

collaborate ... Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will keep track of all users entering and exiting a session and you can review these reports at any point.  To find a report, follow these steps: 1.  Start on the

Find and Download Collaborate Ultra Recordings

collaborate ... Jump to Text-Only Instructions 1.  Locate the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra section in your Course or Community. 2.  From the horizontal bar, select the Menu option. 3.  When the menu

Creating Links | Adding a Link for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Moderators)

Links to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbCU) are not present by default in areas that students can access in the Blackboard course shell.  If you plan on using this tool, you will need to provide a

Screen Sharing | Three Ways to Share Your Screen (Moderator / Participant in Breakout Group)

collaborate ... Entire Screen  Share an Application Window  Share a Chrome Tab Each of these methods works a little differently, so it is good to know which method to use for different types of content or situations.  Watch a Video Walkthrough Using Screen Sharing in Bb Collaborate (Video)

Fundamental Guide and Overview (Participants)

collaborate ... Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a robust web-conferencing tool that allows users to interact with each other through audio, video, and chat functionality.  Collaborate Ultra is available in all

Fundamental Guide and Overview (Moderators)

Overview Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a robust web-conferencing tool that allows users to interact with each other through audio, video, and chat functionality.  Collaborate Ultra is available

How to Get a Guest Link for the Course Room or a Scheduled Session

collaborate ... Guest Links for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbCU) can be provided to individuals who are not enrolled in a class in Blackboard, but need to join a Collaborate session; for example, a guest speaker

Break Out Groups | Using Break Out Groups to Create a "Waiting Room"

collaborate ... This video describes how to use Break Out Groups in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to create a "waiting room" for students who enter the session while you are meeting privately with individual students or small groups.  Watch: Creating a "Waiting Room" in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Breakout Groups | Allowing Students to Select Their Own Groups (Moderators)

collaborate ... need to take to create this type of session. Video: Collaborate Ultra: Allowing Students to Select their Own Breakout Group

Breakout Groups | Set Up and Management (Moderators)

within the group. Video: Using Breakout Rooms in Bb Collaborate Ultra Also, it is noted in the video that when using the Random Assignment option Moderators are automatically added to groups; however

Access a Session | Joining a Session (Participants)

collaborate ... 1.  To get started, locate the link to Collaborate Ultra within your course and click the link. If you have trouble finding the link contact your instructor.     2.  Every course will

Breakout Groups | Selecting Your Own Group (Participants)

collaborate ... If your instructor uses breakout groups in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, you may have to add yourself to the appropriate group.  In order to learn how to select your own group, please watch the following video: Video: Breakout Groups: Selecting Your Own Group

Access a Session | Basics of Student-Moderated Sessions (Students as Moderators)

access to all the features in the Collaborate Ultra room: Recording Using the Whiteboard Screen Sharing File Sharing Polling Walk-Through with Screenshots   Step 1: Navigate

Audio and Video | Setup Guide (All Roles)

collaborate ... Settings   1. Open the Collaborate Panel and select My Settings. Select Set Up your Camera and Microphone.     2. Choose the microphone you want to use. Collaborate tells you that you