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Request for Admin Rights to my Office Computer

Requesting Admin permission/rights.
Justification: to be able to make changes such as 1.) update/upgrade our software; 2) install font packs; 3.) Change the incorrect time zone/clock on my desktop—Computer thinks it is in Cupertino!; 4.) Change color tags to folders...

This machine was just set up today by Chris Vickery.

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Account Request / Change

Request for new accounts, account changes, extension/reactivation of temporary accounts (for faculty, staff, and student employees), username changes, shared mailbox or mailing list requests, and Computer Science Linux Lab account requests, and guest account access.

NP Alert

Faculty, staff and students have the ability to sign-up for our NP Alert service to receive notifications in the event of a delay or cancelation due to inclement weather (weather alert) or other on-campus emergency.

Password Reset (All accounts except NP User ID)

Reset the password for: Office Computers, Banner, Argos, Xtender, Voicemail, Shell, Application PIN...)

Password Reset (NP User ID Only)

Public access form to reset password or change recovery email address.