Accounts and Passwords

Account Access Issues, Password Resets

Services (6)

Account Request / Change

Request for new accounts, account changes, and extension/reactivation of temporary accounts (for faculty, staff, and student employees).

Guest Wireless Access and Accounts

Visitors, including parents, course auditors, event attendees, and vendors, can self-register for temporary guest wireless access while on campus.

Linux Accounts

Linux accounts provide students with access to "Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization" environment (RHEV) desktops as well as access to the "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP" environment (LAMP).

Password Reset (All accounts except NP User ID)

Reset the password for: Office Computers, Banner, Argos, Xtender, Voicemail, Shell, Application PIN...)

Password Reset (NP User ID Only)

Public access form to reset password or change recovery email address.