My Recently Visited Services

Request for new accounts, account changes, and extension/reactivation of temporary accounts (for faculty, staff, and student employees).

Hardwired network connections in residence halls, offices, or other locations.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a service that allows users to remotely access a variety of software programs provided by the university.

Use the request form to merge student enrollments for two or more courses and/or copy content from one course to another.

The official SUNY New Paltz email system for Faculty & Staff.

Request a new Marketplace store to accept online payments

Visitors, including parents, course auditors, event attendees, and vendors, can self-register for temporary guest wireless access while on campus.

This is the form for requesting technology (Hardware & Software) needed for remote instruction.

Request a new shared email account, or request changes to an existing shared email account.

Request a new installation location for digital signage.

The official student email system at SUNY New Paltz

Request new Software, Hardware, or Image / Configuration modifications.

The server provides individuals with a place to host their webpage.

Request assistance with editing closed captions in Ensemble