My Recently Visited Services

Request for new accounts, account changes, extension/reactivation of temporary accounts (for faculty, staff, and student employees), username changes, shared mailbox or mailing list requests, and Computer Science Linux Lab account requests, and guest account access.

Hardwired network connections in residence halls, offices, or other locations.

The official SUNY New Paltz email system

The associated support ticket form covers all types of Blackboard requests, including copies/merges and requests for training.

Information on the New Paltz VPN system is a portal through which users gain access to various self-service and administrative applications.

Reset the password for: Office Computers, Banner, Argos, Xtender, Voicemail, Shell, Application PIN...)

"Hawksites" is SUNY New Paltz's branded CampusPress (WordPress) multiuser web-platform.

Wireless access from personal and campus owned devices, for faculty, staff, students, and guests.

OCM provides limited photography support for campus-sponsored events.

For any department that would like to create a new agency account

The College’s main website, is managed by the Office of Communication and Marketing (OCM). OCM is charged with maintaining series of branded templates for the various schools and departments, maintaining and training users in the use of a content management system, and helping departments create new and updated websites within the domain.

Request a new Marketplace store to accept online payments

The server provides individuals with a place to host their webpage.

TerminalFour is the college's current content management system (CMS). Gaining access to this system allows department chairs/directors/secretaries to make content edits to their website directly.

Report an issue with technology in a classroom or computer lab

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a service that allows users to remotely access a variety of software programs provided by the university.