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Account Request / Change

Request for new accounts, account changes, and extension/reactivation of temporary accounts (for faculty, staff, and student employees).


Blackboard Copy / Merged Sections Request Form

Request merged section enrollments and/or copy content from previous semesters

NOTE: the "Title," "Requestor," "and Acct/Dept" fields on the request form will auto-fill with your information once you submit.

Blackboard Learning Management System

Course management system used by Faculty & Students.


Campus Telephones (Moves, Adds, or Changes)

For requesting new lines, for changes to existing lines, or to move a line from one location to another.

Campus Telephones (Repairs)

For problems with an existing campus telephone line.

Classroom and Lab Technology Issues

Report an issue with technology in a classroom or computer lab

Classroom and Lab Technology Issues

Report Issues relating to classroom technology and devices.

Classroom and Lab Technology Requests

Request new Software, Hardware, or Image / Configuration modifications.

Conference Phone (Request)

Do you need to borrow a Conference Phone (aka polycom) for your event?

Copyright Infringement


Digital Signage - Add or Update Content

Request content updates on existing digital signage across campus.

Digital Signage - Report Issue

Report any issues with existing displays, or with the Content Manager software.

Digital Signage - Request for new signage

Request a new installation location for digital signage.


Email Marketing - General Email Support

Emma Email Marketing - New Account

For any department that would like to create a new agency account

Encryption (Full Disk)

Provides data security for campus devices by requiring authentication to interact with data, primarily for laptops and mobile devices

Equipment Orientation Request

Request one-on-one AV equipment orientation

Event/Conference Support Request

Request AV support for an event or conference


General Request

Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides)

Google Apps for Education (Hawkmail) information, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and Sites

Guest Wireless Access and Accounts

Visitors, including parents, course auditors, event attendees, and vendors, can self-register for temporary guest wireless access while on campus.


Hawkmail (Google Mail)

The official student email system at SUNY New Paltz


Information about Hawksites can be found in the Web, Social Media, and Marketing section.

Hawksites | About

"Hawksites" is SUNY New Paltz's branded CampusPress (WordPress) multiuser web-platform.

Help Me Submit a Ticket!


Lab Proctor Printer Issues

This form is to be used by lab proctors only.

Lecture Capture Playback Issue

Report issues related to streaming a Mediasite or Ensemble video

Lecture Capture Support Request

Request support doing a Lecture Capture recording

Linux Accounts

Linux accounts provide students with access to "Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization" environment (RHEV) desktops as well as access to the "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP" environment (LAMP). is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, business, and professional skills.


Mailman (Mailing List System)

Mailing list (also known as listserv) system

MDID (Madison Distributed Image Database)

MDID is a digital media management tool for discovering, aggregating, and presenting digital media in learning spaces. is a portal through which users gain access to various self-service and administrative applications.


NP Alert


Office 365

The official SUNY New Paltz email system for Faculty & Staff.

Office 365 - Groups

Office 365 - Shared Email Accounts

Request a new shared email account, or request changes to an existing shared email account.

Office Technology Issues

Office Technology Requests


Online Directory Listings


Paid Campaigns

Password Reset (All accounts except NP User ID)

Reset the password for: Office Computers, Banner, Argos, Xtender, Voicemail, Shell, Application PIN...)

Password Reset (NP User ID Only)

Public access form to reset password or change recovery email address.

Personal Device Support

Support of student owned devices and Faculty owned devices used for educational purposes at New Paltz.

Personal Web Site Hosting - Shell

The server provides individuals with a place to host their webpage.

Phone Directory Update

Photography Event Coverage

OCM provides limited photography support for campus-sponsored events.

Photography Overview

Project Management


Rave Guardian App

Report a General Issue

Request Training or Development

IT staff offer training and one-on-one troubleshooting support to faculty and staff.

Residence Hall Printer Supplies

Request supplies for residence hall computer lab printers


Smart Classroom Check

Smart Classroom Status Recorded By Student Workers

Social Media

SolidWorks Student Licence (64-bit Win. only)

This software is for students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum.

Submit News

News at New Paltz -


Television Cable (Repair)

TerminalFour Content Management System - Access and Training

TerminalFour is the college's current content management system (CMS). Gaining access to this system allows department chairs/directors/secretaries to make content edits to their website directly.



RedHat Enterprise Virtualization

VDI / VMware

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a service that allows users to remotely access a variety of software programs provided by the university.

Videography Projects

Voicemail (Support)

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Information on the New Paltz VPN system


Web Accessibility Initiative

Submit a ticket for questions or concerns related to web accessible content.

Web Conferencing Support Request (WebEx)

Request support doing a web conference

Website Update Requests

The College’s main website, is managed by the Office of Communication and Marketing (OCM). OCM is charged with maintaining series of branded templates for the various schools and departments, maintaining and training users in the use of a content management system, and helping departments create new and updated websites within the domain.

Wired Network Access

Hardwired network connections in residence halls, offices, or other locations.

Wireless Network Access

Wireless access from personal and campus owned devices, for faculty, staff, students, and guests.